We’ve created a fantastic opportunity for dog’s enthusiasts and professional to take part in our success and build a profitable and robust career in taking care of dogs right here in Nigeria. If you happen to be a professional dog’s specialist and you possess specific expertise in one of our various services, this is precisely a ready-to-go membership opportunity that provides you incredible freedom, long-lasting development, and extraordinary income potential. We certainly have free members and subscribed members through which all of our subscribed members have been verified. Every member will make payment online and also can undoubtedly renew their subscription, although the free members are not required to make payment for anything to continue using the service. Subscribed members gain access to advanced features which enables them to contact clients and put an advertisement online. If you take pleasure in taking care of dogs, this platform is developed for you.

How it works

If you are an experienced dog lover having particular expertise in one of our various service and desire to join our growing team, please click here to join.

Getting registered

You can get register for either free or subscribe member. Free member can upgrade to a Subscribed member anytime. We provide help to manage the process and offer you the necessary prerequisites.

Set your availability

As soon as you register to become a member of Dog Care, please kindly setup your profile detail with the full aspect of yours as a professional dog’s service provider.

Have a sniff around

Based on your user profile we’ll provide you with the members that are near you.

Message and meet up

We highly recommend subscribers become familiar with each other well before a dog is taken care of by another dog lover.

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