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DOG CARE connects dog owners with a Nigeria network of dog enthusiasts who always occupied to watch their dog. Search near you for our dog service providers in Nigeria, who’ll help to take care of your dog in their area or yours. We ensure dogs in Nigeria are the most memorable and well-cared for even if their owner is on holiday and also empowers dog lovers to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. We supply an incredibly warm and friendly environment for your dog. Our dog's professional crew make sure your dog continuously gets the highest possible level of treatment because we address all dogs as if they were our very own.

DOG CARE specializes in dog sitting, dog grooming, dog walking dog training, veterinarian doctors, dog breeders, dog boarding and dog kernel, sales of dog foods and accessories. We assumed that all dogs (and their owners) should be able to take pleasure in their life. For assistance, we provide dog owners with smart and speedy solutions to have access to reliable dog care providers that match their needs. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re planning your two weeks journey for a long time, trying to spend time with loved one, or providing a career-defining presentation at the workplace, we’re here to take care of your dog.

Our dogs professional within Nigeria can visit your Dog in your home, maintaining their routine whenever possible. Employing a specialist to take care of your dog provides you with peace of mind knowing your best friends are actually in reliable and adoring hands. Although you may not be around, your dog can easily really feel secure at their house, with the environment that they have become accustomed to. Dogcare professionals are always available to care for your dogs in the daytime when you can't move away from your stressful day to go home and visit with them.

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In case you have inquiries about your membership account, possible advertising, and marketing, need anassistant in finding service providers for your dog, or any other concerns or perhaps feedback, here's how you can contact us.

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