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Dogs are social animals that need companionship, so most do not like to be left alone during the day. Being alone for long periods of time can cause stress and even anxiety during separation, but you can easily avoid this by booking dog guard services through Dog care. Our service qualified Professional will keep your dog happy during the day with lots of love and hugs

Our Dog boarders can easily take care of your dog whenever you are away or on vacation. Your dog would have a getaway vacation in residence where they can sleep in on mattress and play without restraint. Why would you choose to take your dog to a kennel if you have the option to an affordable dog boarding service? This service guarantees that your dog will get lots of love and attention.

Do not feel guilty about leaving your dog alone or in a cage, discover the accommodation and daycare offered by dog sitters near you. Reliable and friendly, find and book easily the ideal person to keep your dog during your absences. A day, a weekend or more, finally leave the peace of mind!

By choosing our dog boarding service, you offer your dog a trustworthy company that have the best service professional that will watch and play with him, as well as a comfortable accommodation. What keep your dog happy and fit. Finally, leave your peace of mind, your dog is in good hands. Your dog sitter will even send you photos and videos of your doggie, to keep you informed of his stay.


Are you going on vacation? Looking for the perfect service professional to welcome your dog? Choose one of our dog kennel service provider to take care of your doggie and host the time of your vacation. When considering pet boarding kennels, whether it is for dog boarding services, we certainly have clients that travel from the everywhere across the planet. Our dog boarding kennel is different from most kennels because it is a lodge. Whenever you drop your dog to one of our specialists, be rest assure they are in good hands. You can enjoy your holiday vacation realizing your dog is well cared for.

We take in hand the accommodation of your companions. We have several dog houses and many catteries. All dog care professional kennel provider offers you personalized and attentive service. Your dog will love our unique and peaceful environment in the countryside, feel secure and comfortable. We can accommodate most special requests. Dogs have a well-equipped and comfortable individual box. We also ensure that your dogs have a healthy and balanced diet.


Our daily dog walkers service is tailored to clients who are occupied, qualified professionals. Our dog walkers service provides your pet dog an opportunity to run free while enjoying the outdoors. All dog walkers professional are committed to instilling happiness and joy and healthy activities for all dogs. Hire them to take your dog out for a pleasant walk. The principle of dog walks is simple. Our dog walkers will not sleep at your home. He will go home during your vacation, a number of times defined beforehand, to feed your companion, make him go for a walk and bring him all the love and support that it is possible to bring.

In addition, you can also define upstream the number of walks per day or week depending on your needs and those of your companion. The duration of a dog walk can vary depending on your pet between 30 and 45 minutes. Each dog is pampered, it is cuddled because it is essential to take care of it.


Your dog needs a precise grooming that respects his skin nature. You want your groomer to be considerate and take into consideration the particular hair of your dog. You want a special cut for your dog because you participate in a dog contest. Your dog has skin problems such as eczema or itching.

Our grooming service providers takes care of your dog and carries out all the necessary hygiene and beauty care. They take into consideration the specificities of your dog and provide them with proper cleaning.

Our dog groomers provides you with complete grooming services for dogs. Only make an appointment for just one of our professionals for grooming service then drop your dog off with them. They deliver a variety of solutions which can be utilized between grooms, as well as a protective treatment measure. Keeping a dog’s coat and teeth can be as extremely essential as diet and exercise.

Our dog grooming service providers are very passionate dog experts with a many years of experience each. They are constantly on the lookout for new cuts and trends. Our competent and qualified professionals will satisfy your every taste and desires, so that your beloved dog is groomed with patience and love. As We are specialized in dog grooming . We pay special attention to the well-being of the animal.


Our vet doctors provide complete veterinary medical care for dogs. They are staffed by a passionate and professional group of people who love dogs and adhere to the requirements of clients. They are ready to help your dogs live a long, pleased life so that you could both enjoy one another’s company for so many years to come


Breeding Program by the list of our qualified specialize members exists to produce puppies to be brought up and trained as outstanding Service Dogs to help the Dog owners. At 4-months-of-age , our dog breeders can usually determine which dogs won’t make it all the way through training. They certainly have an extremely high rate of achievements with the dogs. This is due to the training procedures by our professional and the excellent breeders behind all dogs that lead to calm and loving temperaments, intelligence and quality of health. Breeding Program is essential and decisive on his future behavior. If you are not vigilant on this point, from an early age, you may have a hard time later with the pup become adult.

In addition to the guarantees that we offer to you regarding the good health of your adult dog or puppy coming from our dog breeding, Whether you are from Lagos, Abuja or anywhere across Nigeria and your dog require a special Training , do not hesitate to contact one of our services providers online to know all availabilities. They work with a network of high quality breeders in order to satisfy all requests.


This is indeed a convenient way to order your pet food/supplies online and have it delivered to your door. Our Professional online have high-quality pet food, accessories, treats and items for dogs. Our service provider offer quality products and accessories that meet the criteria of hygiene: lotions, massage creams, purified air, color variator, brushes, shampoos, detanglers, flea and cleaners eyes, teeth, and ears.

Discover wide selection of professional dog food item and accessories for your dog. All our service providers that offer sale of dog food and accessories across Nigeria offers a wide selection of low-priced items that will meet all the needs of your dog. You'll fall in love with their cute dog collars, their sturdy dog leashes, and their fashionable harnesses. Discover the look of your dog with wide selection of dog accessories and clothes for dogs that have the style: coats with fantasy prints, dresses for an elegant wedding, knots pillion and ties "so chic", original caps, helmets for sensational bike rides, glasses to play the stars. our professional make sure that dog clothes are elegant and delightful to wear, emphasizing ease and comfort.

For a balanced diet, discover best brand of dog food dog care expert. Your dog wants to have a Amazing beauty, we put at your disposal our range of accessories for grooming professionals (combs with big teeth, brush, scissors, dryer). Enjoy moments of accomplice with your dog by offering toys and treats for your enjoyment. Give it the sweetness of well-deserved rest with our cushions and dog bins. The dogcare professional finds new products throughout the year and offers promotions not to be missed.


Obedience on an advanced leash, reminding your dog with and without a leash, walking alongside you without pulling, walking freely, sitting, lying, standing, sitting and lying down. Good manners like not jumping on people, no longer nibble, no more barking in your presence. Our dog trainers can assist with any specific training or behavior problem you might be experiencing, from puppy training to service dog training, fear, violence, and whatever you are struggling with. Here you will found a good training conducted by a specialized dog trainer and behavior specialist. We understand that even though dogs are pleasant and social, all dog owners usually want to improve universal training and habits at home and the recreational area.

It is sometimes difficult to train your dog . This is why specialists in canine behavior are at your disposal and offer you their knowledge and expertise to make your daily life easier with your pet. Whatever his race, we can help you in the education of your animal. Our in - depth knowledge of the dog environment and our years of experience alongside them allow us today to offer dog training and education activities . We reserve the training activity for the dogs but we offer private lessons dog training for all dogs.

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