• What is Dogcare?

    Dog care connects dog parents with a Nigeria network of dog enthusiasts who can't wait to watch their dog. Search for nearby dog care service providers in Nigeria, who’ll assist care for your pet dog in their area or yours. By eliminating dog care difficulties, We ensure dogs in Nigeria are the most memorable and well-cared for even when their owner is on vacation and empowers dog enthusiasts to live completely happy and fulfilling lives.

  • Is Dogcare suitable for my dog?

    At Dogcare we know that every dog and the owner are unique. Our marketplace of dog sitters, dog walkers and so on, the largest in Nigeria is designed to help you come across your best match. You’ll come across a variety of sitters and dog walkers to go well with your dog.

  • So how exactly does Dogcare is different from other dog care company in Nigeria?

    Every facet of the Dog Cares experience continues to be thoughtfully made with the dogs’ complete well being in mind. Our comprehensive behavior assessment ensures that your dog’s unique personality and needs are considered in the course of their time in our care. Our entire dog professional is extensively verified, trained, and well well-informed.

  • What services does Dogcare offer?

    Dogcare offers dog sitters, dog groomers, dog walkers, dog trainers, vet doctors, dog breeders, dog boarding and dog kernel, sales of dog foods and accessories. For information, visit our Services page.

  • How is transaction made?

    Payments must be made online to become a subscribed member.

  • What are your hours?

    We are available every day.

  • Where are you currently located?

    All our dog professionals are located all over the place across Nigeria, they are always available and response to you consistently.

  • Can you cater to all sizes of dogs?

    Definitely. We certainly have accommodations for all categories and sizes of dogs.

  • How can I make sure the perfect services are provided?

    At check-in, we are going to perform an intensive assessment and also discuss your Dogs requires along with you to make sure the best-suited services are chosen. And with our Look Great Guarantee, we promise that you will love just how your dog appears.

  • What will happen to my upcoming bookings?

    It’s business as the standard for now. Therefore, there is indeed no change to your guaranteed bookings. Any specific reservations you have verified in the next few months will be accomplished as usual.

  • Does my dog need to be a precise age to begin training?

    We suggest that puppies begin training as early as possible to confirm correct dog development. We train dogs of all ages and start as young as eight weeks! Older dogs will learn too! Please keep this in mind that service/assistance work may be tiring for dogs particularly as dog’s approach mid-life. We don’t advocate beginning with a dog older than about four years of age, based on the breed. For dogs which will be trained in any variety of scent detection work, we tend to recommend that training starts with a dog younger than 1-year-old.

  • Is my dog sure to become a service dog?

    Everyone at Dog Care committed to being entirely honest and forthcoming with all observations to offer you realistic anticipation of what is going to be accomplished throughout training. We'll listen and work with you diligently and take time to answer any queries throughout the training method. We need to ascertain continuous success and progress. Dog Care conjointly understand that there are no absolutes with dog coaching. Our final goal at Dog care is to offer you the tools to determine clear communication, mutual respect, and also the necessary confidence that's crucial between you and your dog. We'll show you ways to know your dog, the way to teach your dog to know you, and the way to stay consistent in each scenario.

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